Smart garages from Ramec Misr are an effective traffic solution

الجراجات الذكية من رامك مصر

Smart garages from Ramec Misr are an effective traffic solution

Ramec Misr is participating in a multi-smart garage project that aims to improve the quality of life of urban residents by achieving environmental efficiency by improving the quality of life and fighting overpopulation as one of the biggest problems facing motorists.

Modern smart garages came to reduce the suffering of environmental pollution resulting from traffic jams resulting from the increase in traffic flow, especially at peak times, and to solve the problem of random parking in the axes of main and secondary roads.

The establishment of parking spaces came as an alternative to random parking on both sides of the roads, and then the spread of the idea of ​​smart garages results in achieving the required traffic flow and reducing the travel time of motorists to reach the place to be reached, and thus improving the supposed experience.

The idea of ​​smart garages came to search for innovative solutions to solve the problem of traffic congestion and facilitate services for citizens and be able to serve the largest possible segment of citizens to rely on modern garages to park their cars.

The establishment of modern smart garages and their circulation by Ramec Misr came to solve the suffering experienced by citizens from the state of deterioration, randomness, and environmental and visual pollution resulting from parking cars in the streets in a random manner.

Ramec Misr smart garages are moving the country at a fast pace towards global technological progress, as it achieves a positive change in the traffic flow of the country to eliminate random parking and solve the traffic crisis.

Ramec Misr Smart Garages Company has contributed to meeting the needs of citizens by manufacturing a variety of smart garage systems to support comprehensive and sustainable development strategies in the country.

The establishment of modern smart garages had an important role in the experience of parking cars to reduce the space or size required for parking, especially in densely populated places with narrow spaces.

Smart garages provide cars with parking service at multiple levels to increase the number of parking spaces in order to eliminate wasted spaces as much as possible.

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company has created smart parking systems with a large capacity for cars on the same space in a distinct and innovative way to automatically transport cars to and from parking spaces instead of the driver.

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