Smart garages provide a simple journey to park and receive the car


Smart garages provide a simple journey to the park and receive the car

Ramec Misr smart garages end the suffering of car accumulation in the streets and main roads, as the car owner’s journey stops upon arrival at one of the smart garages and it is delivered. And from here, the parking journey begins, where the car moves without the intervention of the human factor, and the car begins to move, as it reaches the place designated for it without effort, with more ease and speed.

As for the trip to receive the car after the end of the time allotted for it, it is no less easy and quick than the trip to park the car. So the car begins to exit from the place designated for it and goes out to its owner, who is waiting for it without any effort on his part.

The journey of parking and receiving the car to and from the smart garage is characterized by security and safety, as the trip is characterized by all means of immunization and insurance, away from friction, thefts and scratches.

The time of the car’s journey inside the smart garage, from its deposit until its exit, does not exceed minutes. However, the trip is insured against power outages. The garage can also be operated manually in the event of a power outage.

Ramec Misr lays all the foundations for precautionary measures when establishing all modern smart garage systems.
Where some were afraid of power outages since the garage works in a completely automated manner. This was addressed as well as providing the garage with two different sources of electric current.

The value of parking fees inside the smart garage is very suitable for the technology used in parking the car, in addition to the security that the smart garage adds to your car parked inside and protecting it, in addition to the ease and ease of entry and exit of the car without the effort exerted by the car owner.

Using the smart garage by car drivers keeps the car from scratches and friction, and then exposes the car to break mirrors. It also protects the car from exposure to the heat of the sun and weather factors such as dust and rain. Where the smart garage applies the highest levels of security and safety for the car parked inside it.

Ramec Misr hopes that the modern smart garage project will become a new launch window for many modern projects that help move to new horizons.

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