Smart garages to localize modern technology

Smart garages to localize modern technology

The modern smart garages from Ramec Misr are suitable for crowded places to park a large number of cars of all types, whether sedans or SUVs.These smart garages are also suitable for crowded residential neighborhoods to alleviate the existing traffic problem.

The smart garages, which are manufactured by Ramec Misr, are the ideal choice to provide customers with what fully meets their requests.The company relies on a huge team of professional and qualified engineers to implement all smart project systems with high efficiency.

The spread of smart devices helps reduce the problem of lack of parking, especially in crowded places.Therefore, the company employed a team of trained engineers capable of transforming these projects from being on plans to a tangible reality that brings profit and benefit to its owner.

Smart garage systems are characterized by their high efficiency, as they provide automatic movement without human intervention, in order to transport cars to the places where they are scheduled to be parked, and so that they can also be retrieved in an automatic manner.

The smart garage is characterized by high intelligence and high precision in control. It also features a movement mechanism for inserting, transporting and retrieving cars with perfect flexibility and a fast operation process with performance control.

Smart garage systems operate with fully mechanical systems with automatic management in order to localize modern technology and work in accordance with the mechanisms of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and the vision of the modern state.

Ramec Misr Smart Garages Company was able to implement and create its smart garages according to the latest international systems and by taking advantage of advanced manufacturing capabilities in order to localize modern technology to serve and meet customer requirements and the needs of the local market.

Implementing these smart systems helps provide many job opportunities for young engineers, technicians and human cadres, training them in this specialized industrial field and providing them with modern skills and experiences in accordance with the standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Ramec Misr Company for Modern Smart Garages puts all its expertise into implementing all its smart systems with the latest modern smart integrated devices to achieve an advanced level in manufacturing, transferring and localizing global technology and applying it in this specialized industrial field by taking advantage of modern digital manufacturing capabilities.

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