Smart parking systems provided by Ramec Misr

أنظمة إنتظار السيارات الذكية

Smart parking systems provided by Ramec Misr

Ramec Misr Company has come a long way to obtain customer satisfaction by developing smart parking and meeting the needs of the Egyptian market by equipping a production line and a specialized team of engineers, technicians and company experts trained at the highest level.

Solving the traffic crisis requires increasing parking spaces in the streets, so Ramec Misr had to implement and popularize smart parking lots based on modern technology. Increasing the capacity of garages for cars of all kinds, whether sedans or SUVs and will only be done by applying the idea of ​​smart garages to solve the problem of traffic congestion.

One of the difficult problems facing motorists is paying excessive amounts of parking fees in traditional garages, and the idea of ​​smart garages came to solve this problem and eliminate exploitation.

The price of parking in smart garages is affordable and not at all expensive compared to parking fees in traditional garages. Where accounting in smart garages is done by hourly accounting, which is determined by those in charge of the smart garage, or accounting is done by modern smart cards.

Ramec Misr is a leading manufacturing company specializing in the manufacture, installation and periodic maintenance of smart parking systems. The company maintains the manufacture of different types and styles of smart garages in a way that is specially designed to meet the emergency uses of parking spaces due to the exacerbation of the problem of lack of parking spaces.

Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company has always been keen to provide the best services to its customers by improving services in smart car parking systems that can store a large number of cars as it meets customers’ needs and desires and works to reduce the problem of car congestion in traditional garages.

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