The Guide to the Triple and Quadruple Systems

Ramec Egypt offers many advanced options including the Triple and Quadruple systems. They are both mechanical electro-hydraulic operating system, which optimizes a single car space by 3 or 4 times.

The Space Required

The space required to install the triple or quadruple system is 2.5 meters width and a height ranging from 5.5 to 8.8 meters, depending on the number of systems chosen, and the types of cars that you intend to adopt in them, whether “sedans”, “4*4”, or “SUV” cars.

Obligatory Terms

There are certain standards that must be met by smart garage supervisors, which will guarantee the highest levels of car safety. The supervisor operating these systems should be a able to drive, and is well trained on customer service, capable to manage people and reliable. He will be given an accredited course in operating those systems to drill them down to the rest of the team.

Weights & Paints

Both systems can bear cars weighing up to approximately 2 tons per slot. The paint applied to the triple or quadruple Smart Parking Systems is not affected by salt or moisture.

Entry and Installation

The time that cars need to enter and exit the triple or quadruple system is between 60 and 80 seconds.

Up to four units of each system can be installed within only 24 hours.

Safety Systems

The triple or quadruple system has 3 levels of safety:

The Mechanical Safety Locks System:

This system ensures that all cars are locked when parked.

The Limit Switch:

This system ensures that the power supply is completely cut off from the platform if there is a car below it, or when the platform reaches a certain height.

Photo Cell:

The photoelectric cell, which operates with a laser to completely cut off the electric current, ifthere is a car under the loading platform.

No car owner or supervisor can be electrocuted because of these systems, as they are fully insured and completely electrically insulated.

The triple or quadruple systems are both energy-saving, as it only needs 3 kilowatts for the triple system and 5 kilowatts for the quadruple system.

Ramec Misr is also considering the modification of their systems to include electric car charges and other various services.

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