The modern technological revolution in smart parking

smart parking

The modern technological revolution in smart parking

After modern technology had penetrated the world of smart garages, it was necessary to take advantage of this existing technological transformation and its backward benefits on the smart garage sector, where artificial intelligence techniques were harnessed to contribute to reaching speed, accuracy and quality in the manufacture of various smart garage systems available to Ramec Misr.

Establishing and designing smart parking lots is one of the most important things that all the competent authorities have assigned a great responsibility to, so commercial institutions and governments have begun to establish modern smart garages.

Smart garages play an essential role in regulating the movement of cars and organizing streets, as they are among the smart and innovative solutions that help control traffic.

Smart car parking is one of the most important and best projects that must be available and spread in any company or commercial establishment. The importance of its presence and establishment lies in the fact that it provides more space and appropriate organization for the movement of cars inside the smart garage, in addition to the presence of more safety and reassurance of the car owner on his car.

Ramec Misr provides the smart garage with easy-to-use operation devices and also provides it high-quality safety devices to ensure permanent operation without any malfunctions. And to provide the necessary protection for all cars, as the conditions for storing cars inside the smart garage are suitable for all types of cars, whether they are sedans or SUVs.

Ramec Egypt advises any authority, commercial or governmental institution, or residential center that has decided to establish parking lots for smart cars in it, that the smart garage is designed and planned with appropriate spaces so that the places can accommodate the correct number of cars, taking into account the appropriate shape that fits with the corridors of the place on which the garage is to be built.

Building smart garages integrated with modern technology and spread ensures a safer life, roads without accidents, no crowds, and no theft crimes, and guarantees air free of pollution and carbon, to achieve the equation of well-being, sustainable health and community safety.

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