The smart garage is an environment friendly place

الجراج الذكي مكان صديق للبيئة

The smart garage is an environment-friendly place

Smart garages play an important role in providing customers with positive experiences to maintain cars for a safer and more secure environment. The journey of cars inside the smart garage helps to feel safe and helps motorists to feel reassured about their cars.

The infrastructure of smart garages is an important and valuable asset, so Ramec Misr Smart Garage Company had to protect this entity with the help of an appropriate maintenance plan and remote assistance, where we can help customers and always improve the company’s performance.

The difficulty of parking cars in the streets and wandering around to search for parking spaces affects the environment, as quantities of pollutants accumulate that cannot be absorbed, especially during heavy traffic congestion.

The generalization of smart garages in the main streets reduces pollution and harmful emissions from cars while drivers search for places to park their cars.

Ramec Misr has succeeded in providing a safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable emission reduction solution for smart car parking. Where smart garages help improve sustainability, they can reduce energy consumption rates and control harmful carbon emissions to the environment.

Smart garages are characterized by energy savings, as low voltage can be used, and it is controlled by a precise system and a motor with variable voltage and frequency, in order to ensure a quiet sound and a very low level of vibration, ensuring non-vibration and ensuring a cost-effective operation.

Smart garage systems are characterized by a high level of stability, ensuring the highest levels of stability, which meets the requirements of customers and adapts to the surrounding environments.

Smart garages from Ramec Misr are considered a realistic model towards preserving the environment and reducing the phenomenon of climate change and carbon emissions polluting the environment through the application of a system of digital solutions for smart garages.

Ramec Misr helped solve the problem of crowded areas and crowded cars and provide smart garages that are more organized and more protected and creating a clean and more developed environment through this modern smart innovation.


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