The smart garage will restore discipline to the Egyptian streets

الجراج الذكى يعيد الانضباط للشارع المصرى و يتصدى للاضطراب والفوضي المرورية

The smart garage will restore discipline to the Egyptian streets and addresses the turmoil and traffic chaos.

As we entered a new phase to search for ways of revival and seek to eliminate crises, especially the crisis of traffic congestion and chaos, which has taken a chronic nature, the idea of ​​the smart garage of all kinds came to help out of a prolonged and deepening crisis that was difficult to eliminate easily. The scene of traffic congestion and parking in the second and third rows are among the scenes that had to be eliminated, as they are the causes of traffic jams, which necessitated the need for alternative and non-traditional solutions to solve this intractable crisis.

We had to think outside the box to solve the traffic crisis, and from here came the solution with the latest global technological methods, which is the smart garage technology, which was actually implemented to witness the first civilized shift in the field of smart garages.

The idea of ​​the smart garage helps to solve the traffic congestion crisis, especially after the construction and expansion of the new road network developed in Egypt, given that the Egyptian street needs more parking spaces, but on a smaller area than the traditional parking spaces. The smart garage system will improve the efficiency of car parking systems by facing the challenges of urban expansion. The smart garage is characterized by its simple structure and attractive exterior appearance.

The launch of the smart garage in Egypt is a positive step towards globalization. The initiative to open electronic garages in Egypt is a real achievement and an attempt to save the country from traffic congestion and the lack of parking spaces, eliminating the phenomenon of the second and third rows, ensuring the protection of cars and preserving the country’s aesthetic appearance.

In view of the Egyptian street’s need for more parking spaces, but in an area less than the space used in normal parking lots, Ramek Egypt was able to offer a smart rotary garage system to restore discipline to the Egyptian street and resist traffic turbulence and chaos. It is the ideal parking system that can be applied almost anywhere, This type of modern smart parking system can be built by integrating it into existing buildings and residential units, and it can also be built as a stand-alone car parking system as it is adaptable to the surrounding environment using any place to suit it.

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