The traffic overcrowding

التكدس المروري

The smart garage save streets from traffic overcrowding

Congestion, traffic congestion, and lack of parking spaces are major causes of traffic congestion in Egyptian streets. And smart garages came to solve this problem in areas that witness high traffic densities and suffer from a severe need and lack of parking spaces.

The smart garage provides a lot of advantages, which is the absence of friction between cars and the elimination of thefts and accidents, and the most important of this previous feature is that the parking price is not imaginary and is within everyone’s reach.

Preserving the aesthetic appearance of the street and its discipline is one of the most important and necessary goals of the state, and therefore the direction must be applied to the application of the highest standards of quality and safety to reduce traffic congestion, which qualifies the state to move towards globalization.

Ramec Misr garages achieve a great increase in traffic flow in all streets where the smart garage is located, which achieves an aesthetic and sophisticated image. And this pioneering experience came to save the country from traffic congestion and lack of parking spaces and ensure the protection of the car and save time and effort.

The smart garage is a national development project that contributes to providing job opportunities for young people at all levels, including technicians, engineers and experts, and providing them with training and acquiring modern skills and experiences in accordance with the standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The importance of smart garages, their planning and design lie in the fact that they provide more spaces and the appropriate organization of car traffic. Therefore, smart parking is one of the most important projects that must be available and circulated in the main streets, companies and institutions.

One of the important and essential matters that all the competent authorities have assigned a great responsibility to is that there is a need to design and construct smart car parks due to the lack of parking spaces in the streets, in addition to the massive crowding in the streets.

The smart garage from Ramec Misr is a bright spot for qualifying the use of technological development means in order to eliminate the traffic congestion crisis. Smart garages are an idea that saves cars from constant congestion and lack of parking spaces and protects cars from shocks, accidents, and thefts.

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