What is the Quadruple system?

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What is the Quadruple system?

The quad system is a mechanical electro-hydraulic system through which the car parking space is doubled to four times the available space, but vertically, unlike the traditional garage. The space required for the quad system is about 2.25 meters in width and 5 meters in depth, and the height ranges between 5.5 to 8.80 meters, depending on the existing models and according to the cars that can be carried in the system, whether they are sedan or four-wheel drive.

The installation of the quadruple system takes a whole day, as the company is able to install the unit within 24 hours. With the increase in space, Ramec Egypt can work to increase productivity up to 4 units per day. Before starting the installation of the system, calculations of loads, earthquakes and winds are done.

The quad system can lift cars inside or outside buildings and institutions. The system is very suitable for car showrooms. The quad system accommodates all types of cars, whether sedan or four-wheel drive. The time for cars to enter and exit is between 60 and 80 seconds.

The paintwork is taken into account to avoid rust in the system and to avoid all weather factors such as wind, humidity and rain. The system is characterized by the fact that the electricity required for operation is a medium, not large capacity, up to 5 kilowatts for operation.

The quad system cannot be subjected to any electric shock, as the system is fully secured. The quad system is equipped with a mechanical safety lock to stop the platform in an emergency, and it is equipped with a circuit breaker to determine the height of the loading platform until it reaches a certain limit that it does not exceed. It was also equipped with a photovoltaic cell, which is responsible for disconnecting the power supply in the event that a car is under the loading platform. And all the safety means are made in one safety method to achieve the highest levels of security for the system. The hydraulic cycle is equipped with an oil safety valve as an additional safety measure.

One of the advantages of the quad system is that it enables the charging of electric cars, and Ramec Egypt has worked in communicating with companies specialized in the field of car charging to find out their demands and take them into account in manufacturing. And the four-way system can be exploited to increase the profit for the customer by taking advantage of it as an advertising interface.

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