What is the smart puzzle parking system?

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What is the smart puzzle parking system?

The puzzle is an intelligent electromechanical system that is controlled automatically. It is characterized by being a fully automated system and does not require an operator or observer, unlike other smart systems, and does not require the help of the driver, as the car makes its journey within the system alone.

Unlike other systems in which the system-based needs the car key for the worker to move the car, the automated puzzle system does not need that, as the electrical work mechanism in the puzzle system is not subject to the human factor. It is controlled by its own control program and it is impossible to park the car in the wrong way ever due to the presence of a forced path for the car to move.

Ramec Egypt manufactures a smart garage that operates using the puzzle system according to the latest international specifications. The puzzle systems are varied in terms of floors, and the floors vary between two and four floors. The puzzle model needs an area of ​​48 square meters and a height of 3.75 meters, and this is the standard space for the puzzle model. This system is characterized by the ability to modify the model according to customer requests.

Preparatory work must be studied before starting the construction of the smart garage with the puzzle system. Probes are made for the land and studies of the soil and the loads on it, taking into account the winds. Care must be taken of the winds due to their differences in each region in which the system is installed.

The puzzle system painting works are considered in a way that limits the influence of weather factors such as rain, salt and humidity. The puzzle system is characterized by the fact that it can be used underground, but the height of the ceiling and the spaces between the columns must be taken into account.

The electrical capacity required to operate the standard puzzle system, which accommodates five cars, needs 15 kilowatts, while the rest of the systems vary from one system to another according to the number of cars. The system is characterized by the fact that no user can be subjected to any electric shock because it operates on 24 volts DC and is fully insured to avoid any electric shock.

The puzzle system can be used to charge electric cars. Currently, Ramec Egypt is coordinating with a company specializing in car chargers to find out their requirements to be taken into account in manufacturing.

Ramec Egypt is keen to confront and avoid all possible problems in the puzzle system. In the event of malfunctions in the plc, it takes no more than 15 minutes to fix it to reset the program. It is also possible to control the program via the Internet Wi-Fi. One of the most critical features of the puzzle system, which Ramic Egypt has supported, is that units can be equipped for people with special needs.

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