What is the Tower Parking System?

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What is the Tower Parking System?

The tower parking system is a system that moves the car vertically using an elevator with a stretcher, and then the cars are transferred completely automatically and in a horizontal way to the specified place for parking. The tower system helps to raise the car to the specified level for parking automatically, and the system is controlled by a programmable controller.

The model is very suitable for medium and large-sized facilities and achieves high efficiency in the use of spaces, as the tower model accommodates parking for up to 20 cars horizontally. The system accommodates all types of cars, whether sedan or SUV multi-use sports cars, as it accommodates cars with dimensions of up to 5200 length x 2150 width x 1600 height.

The tower parking system is characterized by the possibility of accommodating and recovering cars at a high speed, as the car is retrieved within 120 seconds and the speed of the driving unit is 60 meters per minute maximum. And the car accommodation feature provided by the tower system reduces parking violations outside smart garages. Cars are retrieved using a smart card to easily control access to the car and prevent the loss of the car.

The smart garage in the shape of the tower parking system is designed in a modern way. It is a fully automated garage that resembles the shape of the tower in design. It is characterized by fully automatic operation, which helps to comfort the user and protect against theft and damage. It is fully secured and is characterized by a stable operation. It is managed automatically without human intervention, according to the latest electronic systems, environmental safety and security.

The tower parking system provides cars with parking service on multiple levels horizontally to increase the number of car parking spaces and is also environmentally friendly and reduces harmful emissions during the parking process. And it reduces noise pollution as it is characterized by a completely quiet sound and almost non-existent vibration level and is characterized by a high level of stability commensurate with the various environmental requirements.

The tower parking system is highly efficient and provides automatic vertical movement in order to move the cars to the designated places for parking in the smart garage. The system is fully secured, it is secured with multiple electrical protections and is equipped with multiple safety features, and the operating status is monitored continuously and easily.

Ramec Egypt provides a highly skilled special engineering team that controls and supervises the system and periodic maintenance after sales.

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