What is the two-post garage model?

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What is the two-post garage model?

The two-post system is one of the intelligent garage systems that help in solving the parking crisis and achieves traffic liquidity in the streets, main roads and commercial places and helps in maintaining the security of cars because it is secured by all the precautions required to protect the car and provide security and safety for the cars parked inside the garage.

There was an urgent need to establish the garage, as this type of intelligent garage aims to show more than one parking lot to solve the problem of parking and car congestion and to help create traffic fluidity.
Whereas, Ramec Egypt creates a modern car parking system that is easy to disassemble, transport and install anywhere according to the customer’s desire.

The two-post system is a mechanical electro-hydraulic system, a dual system that enables the car parking space to be doubled. The car enters the loading platform and another car is under the loading platform. The time for entering and exiting the car in the two-post system takes from 40: 50 seconds.

The two-post system needs a system operator to help the car get in and out of the garage, and he first takes out the car at the bottom of the platform so that he can drop the car on top of the loading platform.

The operator supervising the two-post system must meet several conditions, the most important of which is that he must be proficient in driving cars and be fluent in the art of dealing with customers, and he must be honest and have quick intuition to face any potential problem. Ramec Egypt assists the operator and gives him an approved course in operation, through which he obtains a certificate of operating validity and also obtains an ID approved by the company.

Before starting the establishment of the system, it is necessary to take care of the preparatory work and make surveys of the land and make studies and calculations of loads of the land and the loads on it. As for the weights of the cars carried by the Two Post system, it allows the use of cars weighing up to 2 tons.

Ramec Egypt is concerned with safety means, as it has developed 3 safety means for the system, which are: the circuit breaker method to determine the height of the loading platform until it reaches a certain limit that it does not exceed, the mechanical lock method to prevent the loading platform from slipping in case of emergency, and the photovoltaic method that disconnects the electricity in case of emergency Having a car under the loading platform.

In the event of a power outage, the download is done manually. Ramec Egypt advises using an electric generator to face the problem of power outages. It is also recommended to use an ATS automatic transfer switch.

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