Your car is completely safe with Ramec Misr’s garages


Your car is completely safe with Ramec Misr’s garages

The smart garage project is one of the largest and largest projects that support investment and work to develop daily traffic and work to reduce traffic jams and daily traffic congestion in vital densely populated areas.

Parking cars on the main roads from uncivilized scenes cause more traffic jams, so Ramec Misr came to solve this inevitable crisis and took modern methods to accommodate the largest number of cars and solve the parking crisis while providing complete safety for cars inside the smart garage; Whereas, the smart garage is made with a modern and sophisticated technology capable of securing and protecting your car inside.

Smart garages facilitate the assistance of motorists in finding a place to park their cars easily and easily, and help them locate the available and closest smart garage in a faster and smooth manner, and help in easy access to these garages more quickly without waiting and without any significant risks.

Smart garages are able to open the horizons of the future by supporting artificial intelligence technologies, modern cloud computing, applying for modern smart cards, applying the principles of smart cities, and relying on all modern means and systems in entering and exiting cars to and from the smart garage.

The smart garages at Ramec Egypt are equipped with an accurate and advanced system that helps the car drive safely inside the smart garage, which makes it more convenient to enter and retrieve the car quickly and with a high level of safety. However, all of our smart garage systems go through a lot of pre-testing, which leads to a high safety rate.

Ramec Misr provided full insurance for cars and enhanced all safety and security factors, which makes the damage that cars can be exposed to almost non-existent due to the use of all safety factors in smart garages provided by Ramec Misr, which avoids your car from accidents and theft.

Ramec Misr has worked to provide smart garage systems with a security system that guarantees high accuracy with the highest safety and security standards. All smart systems help reduce the risk of theft and accidents.

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Ramec Misr Smart Parking

Ramec Misr Smart Parking The modern smart garages provided by Ramec Misr, which is specialized in the manufacture of smart garages, is a wonderful investment