Features of electro-hydraulic mechanical system

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Features of electro-hydraulic mechanical system

The electro-hydraulic mechanical system is an operating system in which the parking space of a car park is doubled to three or four times the space available in a normal car park.

And one of its most important features is that the user cannot be exposed to any electric shock because the system is fully secured, and also because the operator is sufficiently competent, so the company trains him and gives him a certified course in operation, and he must obtain a certificate of operating validity, Especially in the tow post system, the operator needs a high skill in lifting and lowering the car. The car under the platform must be removed first so that the operator can lower the car on top of the operating platform.

The mechanical system is divided into three systems, the binary system or what is known as the tow post system, the triple system and the quadruple system, and there are three safety methods available for these systems.

First: The mechanical safety lock system prevents the pallet from sliding in an emergency.

Second: The circuit breaker system determines the height of the loading platform to reach a certain limit that it does not exceed.

Third: The photovoltaic system is responsible for turning off the current in the event of a vehicle under the loading platform.

As for the weights of the cars that can be carried, the electro-hydraulic mechanical system is equipped to carry cars up to 2 tons. As for the space required for the triple and quadruple system, the width should be 2.5 meters, the depth 5 meters, and the height range between 5 meters and approximately 8 meters, depending on the existing models and according to the cars that can be carried.

The time for entry and exit of cars in the mechanical system does not exceed 80 seconds. The time for entry and exit of vehicles in the tow post system ranges between 40: 50 seconds, and in the triple and quadruple system, it ranges between 60: 80 seconds. And the system needs the electrical capacity to operate is not large. The triple system needs 3 kilowatts, and the quadruple system needs 5 kilowatts.

The company can install the electro-hydraulic mechanical system within 24 hours, and with the increase in space, Ramek Misr can increase productivity to 4 units per day. Painting work is taken into account to avoid the problem of system rust due to weather factors such as salts and moisture.

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