Ramec Misr attended the big 5 exhibitions

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Ramec Misr attended the big 5 exhibitions

Ramec Misr attended the big 5 exhibitions during the inspection tour, and the types of garages were presented. There are garages with a scissor system, which is a mechanical garage. There is also another type of garage which is a fully automated system, so any car can be summoned via the programmable controller (plc) or by smart cards to deliver the car to the customer without the intervention of the human element, in addition to the quadrilateral model, which is a mechanical system, a model of which was implemented on the fence of Maryland park, and it was also applied in Beni Suef and Cairo governorates. and we are on our way to implementing a model in Mansoura city.



Major General/ Essam indicated that there are a number of parking systems, and each of them serves a specific location, and the entire project is operated by a programmable controller ( plc) or by smart cards including the binary model, the triangular model, the quadrilateral model, the rotary model and the scissors model and others, stating that all of these models are entirely Egyptian industry. where experts were used to supervising the implementation of the electronic system. And that this promising modern industry, if it is settled in Egypt, will save a lot of time and effort and will provide many and varied job opportunities in the field of manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Given the company’s ability to export, it is certain that this will bring hard currency inside the country if the smart systems are transformed into a national industry, it will bring about a qualitative and civilized leap in Egypt in every sense of the word. Smart garage systems are smart solutions to home problems.

The company CEO/ Raffi announced that it took us 4 years to build car parks in the United States and we were able to make parking cars under the condominiums and between the condominiums as well. The time has come for us to solve the problem of parking in our country, Egypt. Immediately the intensive study began, until a highly experienced, Egyptian company, Ramec Misr, was chosen to solve the parking problem, but in an area less than the normal parking space. Work began on studying the spaces that allow parking so that different alternatives are available for each of the governorates of the Republic.

The problem of searching for a parking space is a problem that has been exacerbated over the years, and despite the solutions that were applied, these solutions were not effective or sufficient. The Engineering Authority was assigned to study the problem, find solutions and compare alternatives to solve the problem of congestion and traffic congestion, and measures were taken to implement the electronic system.

Ramec Misr can provide every customer with multiple parking systems in the smallest spaces in addition to the highest levels of quality and the strongest guarantee with the low-cost operation and without the assistance of the human factor and with high reliability and safety, so we guarantee you peace of mind and a good return on investment.


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