Smart garages are a move towards luxury

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Smart garages are a move towards luxury

Due to the increase in the population and the poor distribution of parking lots in the streets, and relying on the traditional garage that is not valid to solve the crisis of congestion and traffic congestion, finding a place to park cars has become a problem that exhausts car owners. Therefore, the idea of ​​smart garages must be circulated and spread to ensure permanent parking spaces.

Smart garages contribute to reducing congestion and reducing pollution caused by cars that are looking for a place to park, and thus contribute to achieving sustainable development goals and reducing carbon emissions resulting from car traffic. The ease of finding parking spaces means reducing traffic and the resulting pollution.

Smart garages came to save car drivers from the exploitation of those who control the traditional garage and to eliminate fraud in traditional car parks resulting from the presence of the human factor.It also came to save motorists from the traffic violations that the car is exposed to when parked on the main streets.

Smart garages from Ramec Egypt reduce reliance on the human factor to reach only one employee who customers deal with as car drivers. And dealing with the smart card when entering the car, and it calculates the time of parking the car inside the smart garage from the first minute of entering the smart garage until the last minute of the presence of the car in the garage and its exit when the driver summons it automatically.

Accounting can be done in the smart garage by the hour, and the hourly value is determined according to those in charge of the garage. Still, when comparing the value of parking in the smart garage and the value of parking in the traditional garage, we will find that the smart garage saves a lot of time, effort and money for motorists. Adds a security feature.

Ramec Egypt Company provides continuous and full technical support throughout the day, rapid response to solutions to all problems, providing a very good level of service to customers and achieving good and positive interaction between the two parties. Ramec Egypt is fully and always ready to provide assistance to customers at any time.

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