Electricity Control

التحكم بالكهرباء

The smart garage is based on the idea of ​​electricity control

Ramec Misr, the world leader in the development of smart garages and the provision of technologies and electrical electronic systems for parking, has launched several smart garage systems as fully automated parking assistance systems.

The generalization of the idea of ​​the smart garage, in general, has an economic impact on the country in terms of saving time and effort and alleviating the fatigue of motorists and their concern about their cars if they are parked on the road and also helping to save huge amounts of wasted fuel resulting from burning fuel during congestion of cars in Streets.

The most important characteristic of the electro-hydraulic mechanical system or what is known as the Tow post system is that there is no need for a fixed source of electricity, as it is possible to connect it to alternative and different sources.

The system is powered by electricity generators, so the smart garage is not affected by power outages because there are different and alternative sources of electricity.

It is also recommended to use an automatic transfer switch to face the problem of power outages.

On the other hand, the company has put more than one safety means to control the electricity in the electro-hydraulic mechanical system while the car enters the loading platform and lifts it to enter another car below it. This is to increase safety in the electromechanical garage.

In our time, digital transformation is increasing, and it is characterized by rapid growth in technology and development, and through participation in building and popularizing smart transportation in our country, where regions and urban projects are constantly expanding.

Our goal is to provide smart transportation services that help customers. Therefore, we are working on the continuity of development and improvement to meet the needs of the Egyptian market, so we work proactively and noticeably to meet the challenges of modern transportation and smart car parking.

Egypt is developing with the minds of its children and is able to exist and progress and we see this on the ground in our company through a selection of experts and engineers we have to offer the best to the citizens.

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